T-Mobile Arena Offers More Than Entertainment


The above artistic rendering is just a quick look into the exciting things that are happening at the new T-Mobile Arena. Many rumors have been circulating about the features and amenities the T-Mobile Arena will be bringing in (come on, Vegas hockey team!), and recent news has begun confirming what will be there on opening day. The Arena is already boasting a massive concert and sports space, luxury commercial suite space, premium seating, lounges, and now a decidedly upgraded concession space.

Gilbert Verdugo, the regional chef for Levy Restaurants and exclusive food-and-beverage provider for the T-Mobile Arena, gave us a sneak peek today about what they’ll have available. Nestled in between the standard burger and hot dog fare that you’d see at a sports event are some really special portable food stations, including a poke bar, charcuterie station, and a fresh-pressed juice bar.

One of the main things that Gilbert and T-Mobile are going to be looking at when introducing these new, fun food fares is the demographic. Instead of doing a one-size-fits-all menu, the idea behind T-Mobile’s concession court is much more involved and tailored to a specific group’s needs. There will always be the classics – no boxing match or hockey game is complete without a beer and soft pretzel – but the fans coming in to see their favorite pop idols might be looking for a change. Younger crowds with a trendier mindset may gravitate towards a salad bar instead of shooting straight to the soda line, and country music fans might prefer a nice smokey barbecue over pizza.

How will this game-changing culinary move interact with other, more traditional event centers and arenas? Only time will be able to tell, but we’d love to hear your opinion about it. Comment with your thoughts with the button below!