Finally, Las Vegas Has A Hockey Team!


Pictured above: The logo for Vegas‘ brand new NHL team, the Vegas Golden Knights.

After months of hype, speculation, and arguing, the Las Vegas NHL hockey team’s name and logo have finally been announced. Although many names were tossed around, including the Vegas Black Knights, the Vegas High Rollers, and the Vegas Aces, Golden Knights won out above all.

The Golden Knights will play at the T-Mobile Arena beginning in the NHL’s 2017-2018 season, and is the league’s first expansion team since 2000. Even more impressive, the Golden Knights are the first professional team ever to set up home base in Las Vegas. The team will be comprised of one player from each of the existing 30 NHL pro teams; fans can look forward to the draft in fall of 2017.

With the announcement of the team name and logo came the more tangible addition to a hockey fans’ repertoire – clothes! The kiosks at the T-Mobile Arena on the 22nd (the day the name announcement was made) were a bit crowded and sold out of popular items like child’s shirts and fitted caps rather quickly. If a fan couldn’t snag exactly what they wanted, they’d have no need to fear – the NHL’s website is selling Golden Knights swag, and jerseys will be available to the public in February of 2017.