How Bob Dylan Redefined Poetry


Pictured above: Singer-songwriter Bob Dylan accepting his Nobel Prize.

Bob Dylan has added another huge accomplishment to his already impressive catalog of awards: the 2016 Nobel Prize in literature. Much of the world had grown up on Dylan’s music since the 1960’s, where he first took the folk music world by storm. For many, hearing his lyrics brings about nostalgia and creates a way to relive fond memories, and for others, his lyrics create inspiration to express their own creativity. Despite having stretched his writing across many talents, including the popular performers Bruce Springsteen, The Beatles, Ed Sheeran, and beyond, Bob Dylan weaves each song into a poem of its own kind.

Dylan’s writing is timeless, and his influence across many different types of music created a widespread phenomenon. He was first considered for the Nobel prize years ago, but many experts felt that the academy would not want to open its more than a century-old award to the world of music. However, after being likened to the ancient Greek works whose poems were performed to music, Dylan was considered again for the award. And he won.

Despite the unusual circumstances and heavy debate surrounding his achievement, Dylan has been praised highly by writers, musicians, and even heads of state for his success.By winning a Nobel Prize for literature, Bob Dylan has succeeded in opening up the world of literature to the other arts, and gives hope to all those who practice their own form of expression.