Bringing The Sea To The Desert


Pictured above: The on-site promotional banner for the future SeaQuest in Las Vegas.

With the recent developments on our new NHL team, the Las Vegas valley has been pretty excited for ice in Vegas – but now, they’re getting water, too. The Shark Reef Aquarium has been a popular attraction on the Las Vegas Strip for several years already, but SeaQuest is expanding the market with an aquatic attraction right in the center of the Las Vegas valley.

A family-friendly attraction, the all-new SeaQuest in the Boulevard Mall will be a 31,000 square foot tropical oasis in the middle of the desert. Unlike the Shark Reef, which boasts a wide variety of stunning exhibits ranging from the rare lionfish to a ‘petting zoo’ of stingrays, SeaQuest will be very hands-on. The ‘interactive’ portion of ‘interactive aquarium’ means everything from hand-feeding tropical animals, handling massive jungle pythons, and even snorkeling with the exotic stingrays.

The Boulevard Mall has changed hands a few times within the past few years, but no change is quite so large as bringing the aquarium in. The attraction will take up the square footage of what was previously nine different retail stores, and will bring the mall up to 96% occupation, a vast improvement to it’s previous 70% in 2011. Over 1500 marine creatures will now help fill up the space in this family-friendly Vegas attraction, opening in late November, 2016.