The Sound of Music Gets a Makeover

sound of music

Pictured above: a still from the Smith Center’s production of the hit musical, The Sound of Music.

There may not be a person alive in America who hasn’t seen even a part of the 1965 smash musical film, The Sound of Music. The fun, upbeat songs combined with the tumultuous setting of 1938 Austria creates a truly amazing and beloved family movie. But you may not be prepared for the Smith Center’s latest touring production – a more traditional rendition of the true story behind the movie.

The current run of The Sound of Music was brought to life by director Jack O’Brien, who was inspired by seeing the original Rodgers and Hammerstein score performed in a low-income part of Moscow. Despite being in Russian, the darker tale that was woven by the performers struck a chord with O’Brien, and he made it a goal to tell the true story of The Sound of Music in America. By taking the score and story and ‘ripping it apart’, O’Brien creates a story that is magical, enchanting, and significantly deeper than it’s movie counterpart.

This limited run of a beloved family hit will be at the Smith Center from August 2nd  through the 14th. Give us a call at 702-597-1588 for your tickets.


A Week of Fighting Is Actually Good

fight week

Pictured above: Promotional art for UFC’s Fight Week.

Most people wouldn’t usually welcome getting into a fight, but UFC does such a good job of bringing the hype for their fights that every event leaves fans wanting even more. This year, they have certainly delivered on the pleas for bigger and better; they gave Vegas an entire week of action-packed events.

While the fighters come into town for weigh-ins and press conferences prior to the fights, the real action starts July 7th, with Fight Night. Fight Night is headlined by Rafael Dos Anjos, a Brazilian fighter, and Eddie Alvarez from America. These two have a long-standing history in the UFC community and the divide of fans is massive. As if that wasn’t enough, 11 other matches occur during Fight Night, across a variety of weight divisions.

July 8th is the final day before the main event, UFC 200. The popular TV show The Ultimate Fighter, which is UFC’s unique way of recruiting and selecting the best fighters from across the world, will be held live from Las Vegas. Two teams will face off for the chance to be The Ultimate Fighter of 2016, one of the biggest achievements in MMA.

UFC 200 has already pushed through some controversy already, as it was announced just four days prior to the event that the headliner, Jon Jones, has been pulled from the match for a potential fail on his drug test. Because of this, the legendary WWE and UFC performer, Brock Lesnar, has stepped up to the plate and will fight Mark Hunt. Plenty of words have been exchanged already between fans about who they think will walk away a champion from this fight, seeing as how Lesnar has a disadvantage of being out of the ‘game’ so long.

This weekend will certainly be one for the record books, with three different main events over three days. Which one are you most excited for?