Get Your Yoga On In The Sky

high roller yoga

Pictured above: A yoga master honing her craft aboard the High Roller.

Sweating is easy in Las Vegas – but sweating with a view? Now that’s also easy. If you love yoga and love Las Vegas, the High Roller is bringing you a new unique way to get your asanas on.

Already known for it’s stunning 360-degree views of the Las Vegas Strip, the High Roller, ahem, rolled out a new feature that’s got people buzzing: midday yoga classes. You and five of your friends can be guided through an hour long stretch sesh by not only the in-cabin instructor, but the specialized headphones provided with each yoga ticket. These custom headphones allow for optimized skill-set based instruction, while simultaneously pumping soothing tunes in. The in-cabin instructor will guide your posture gently as your pod gives you amazing views of the famous Strip.

Don’t worry if you’re not a crazy yogi yet – the poses are specifically chosen for the environment. There won’t be any headstands in a moving pod, just plenty of relaxation.

To purchase tickets for the yoga High Roller, call 702-597-1588.


Operation: Ice In The Desert is A GO!


Pictured above: Proposed artwork for the all-new NHL Vegas expansion team.

Vegas, you asked… And the NHL has answered! The almighty hockey kings have decided to gift Las Vegas with our very own hockey team (with a few catches, of course). The as-yet-to-be-named team isn’t the first time Vegas has put a hockey rink to good use. From 1993-1999, the Thomas & Mack was home to The Thunder, a minor league team. And, sure, Vegas has hosted some NHL preseason games… But this is different.

An expansion team, while incredible on it’s own, means much more to Las Vegas than it seems. Previously, professional sports teams have been a huge no-no in Vegas, since the lure of casinos are feared to be too much for player’s sensibilities. But bringing on an expansion NHL team paves the way for other major pro sports leagues to consider setting up shop in Vegas. The NFL has been rumored to eye Las Vegas as a good spot to put the Raiders, provided that we get a shiny new stadium built for them beforehand. The NBA doesn’t have any current plans to expand, but if they see the NHL pulling massive crowds, that could change pretty fast.

So what’s the next step to achieving this dream and showing all other pro sports how it’s done? Well, it’ll still be a bit of a process. Besides picking a team name (the Black Knights, as pictured above, is a current favorite),  the draft for players still needs to happen. 2017 will have all current NHL teams drop a player for the draft after protecting 11, which creates a pool that allows players to swap teams.

The good news is that the little problem of where to put these talented players is already solved – the team’s home is going to be the all-new T-Mobile Arena.

Jersey Boys Set to Leave Las Vegas


Pictured above: Artwork for the Paris’ headlining show, Jersey Boys.

Every show that hits the Las Vegas Strip leaves a mark on the city and it’s entertainment. When shows such as Jubilee or the Blue Man Group manage to become iconic and synonymous with Las Vegas, they know they’ve ‘made it’ – and Jersey Boys is no exception.

Only a few shows in Las Vegas run more than a year, and even fewer make it more than five years. The longest-running Vegas headlining show in history was Jubilee, which sadly shut it’s doors after a 34-year streak in February of 2015. A few more shows, such as Mystere, Blue Man Group, and Penn & Teller, still stand strong with 10+ years under their belt. Jersey Boys succeeded in being almost-sold-out nearly every show for 8 years, with shows running multiple times a week.

Losing this musical tale of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons’ rise to fame means a lot for Las Vegas. The musical (originally opening on Broadway in 2005) was more than just some upbeat entertainment, it symbolized something that lies in the heart of Las Vegas: the ability to come from a blue-collar world and rise to stardom. The story is inspirational, heartwarming, and incredibly toe-tappy.

There are still a few shows available until the doors shut permanently in September, so if you’d like to personally be a part of Vegas history and watch it, we recommend getting your tickets now.

Honoring A Legend on His Birthday


Pictured above: Prince performing live in 1985.

Today marks what would have been the 58th birthday of one of the most influential and innovative performers in history. Although Prince was considered an icon, he intentionally made himself an icon that could not fit within any existing boundaries. He was a chameleon, changing his appearance, sexuality, and music regularly to break boundaries within the industry.

Prince began performing when he was only 14, joining a band called Grand Central (later called Champagne). His first recording contract came around when he was 20 years old, in 1978, and completed his first hit, “Soft and Wet”, the same year. His initial music’s overtly erotic tones and lyrics caused a stir among the generally conservative listeners of the time. The song was a hit, and was followed by several more.

Prince has a record number of awards, winning four MTV Video Music Awards, seven Grammys, one Golden Globe, two Brit Awards, one Academy Award, and (although it’s not quite as great of an accomplishment) a Razzie. He’s had countless tribute shows launched after him, fan pages galore, and a massive fan following.

He was performing up until he passed away in April of 2016. Within hours of his passing, over 61 million tweets, posts, and mentions went out with the tag ‘Prince‘. He was honored by celebrities, musicians, and the President of the United States personally. However, nothing compares to the honor given by his home state, the State of Minnesota: they proclaimed his birthday, June 7th, Prince Day from that moment forward.

Fans across the nation are encouraged to wear purple on June 7th in honor of The Purple One’s enduring legacy. His impact on music will never be forgotten.