Not A Yes, But Also Not A No


Pictured above: The now-complete T-Mobile Arena during construction.

“The most important thing is they haven’t said no.” These were the latest words from businessman Bill Foley, who has been heading the much-supported movement to bring an NHL team to Las Vegas. Rumors began buzzing back in 2015 about the possibility of a hockey team that called Vegas its home, but plans really came to a head in early 2016 when it was revealed that the brand-new T-Mobile Arena was built to be hockey-friendly.

With locker rooms leading directly out onto the floor of the arena, and outfitted to be the most convenient for storing hockey gear, the T-Mobile Arena soon became the beacon of hope for local groups such as Vegas Wants Hockey. The arena was built with the intention of being a catch-all: great acoustics for concerts, amazing visibility for sports games, and a convenient location for both tourists and locals, but it’s pretty easy to see from the picture above that it looks like a hockey rink would fit perfectly.

Word got out around March of 2016 that plans to bring in a sports team just for the new arena were in the works, and some digging by local fan groups turned up that Bill Foley had put in a proposal to create the Black Knights, a tentatively-named Vegas hockey team.

The plans have not gone off without a hitch, however. Despite incredible support from locals, the NHL’s Board of Governors have not made an official call. A customary news conference prior to Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals revealed that Commissioner Gary Bettman from the NHL was on the fence about a new team. However, positivity reigned supreme: the 9-member Executive Committee of the NHL will be meeting early June to discuss the proposal, and a recommendation from them will mean it’s passed on to the Board of Governors for a vote on June 22nd.

Although bringing an entire sports team to Las Vegas is by no means an easy feat, having all the puzzle pieces coming together this early on is a good sign.


The Bigger, The… Not Necessarily Better


Pictured above: The Brooklyn Bowl venue at The Linq.

The recent development of the T-Mobile Arena, which boasts over 19,000 seats for concerts, brought about some discussion about who’s going to be able to fill a stadium of that size. The mega-stars such as Celine Dion and Britney Spears already have residencies, and often are so beloved that they have theaters created specifically for them. It was a discussion that rang true in many hearts – it’s not practical for the only venues in Vegas to be massive.

Enter the game-changer: the boutique concert venue. Hipster culture came with many changes to the Vegas performance scene, and concerts didn’t miss the trend. The most popular performance based showroom is the gorgeous Brooklyn Bowl, located on the Strip near The High Roller, an enormous observation wheel. This vintage venue can hold up to 3,000 guests – a fraction of what the new stadium can hold.

But what surprised many investors is that the smaller venue allowed for a much more intimate experience. You’re not watching your favorite stars from 300 feet away in a sweaty seat; in a boutique venue such as Brooklyn Bowl or Beauty Bar, you’re 10 feet away from the stage and the only separation between you and the band is a rail.

Does that mean that the large mega-theaters are on their way out? Not at all! Instead, the variety of options leads more performers to come to Vegas, boosting attendance all-around. In a world of extremes, balance can be important, and the right mix of big and small is the perfect formula for winning the entertainment game.

Call The Babysitter… This Is Grown Up Time


Picture above: The promo image for 53X, the Las Vegas Strip’s new sexy revue show.

There is one thing that Las Vegas does better than any other city in the world, and that’s be sexy. Everything from our restaurants, to hotel rooms, to shows is designed to turn you on as you turn the lights out. Although famous shows like the steamy male revue  Chippendales, and the long-lasting Crazy Girls, are mainstays, there’s also a rotating display of new, hot talent that can often go unnoticed.

Next time you want a night out with the significant other, or you have a bachelorette party that needs some spice, check out these fun options.

  1. Aussie Hunks – This hot-and-sweaty male revue show is like the best kind of themed Chippendales spinoff. Not only are these guys sexy to look at, they’re sexy to hear.
  2. Fantasy – Named ‘The Strip’s most seductive variety show’, Fantasy has everything you want in a show. From comedy to choreography, to vocals and va-va-voom, this Fantasy will fulfill all of yours.
  3. 53X – Las Vegas’ newest sexy show, 53X promises to get you turned up and turned on! With both male and female performers, this 75-minute production includes amazing dance numbers, beautifully choreographed show pieces, and plenty of audience participation.
  4. Zombie Burlesque – Okay, don’t knock it ’til you try it. Although Zombie Burlesque sounds weird, we promise you’ll look at zombies in a whoooole ‘nother light after seeing this show.

If none of these are striking your fancy, don’t worry! We have a full range of options from titillating to irresistible on our Adult Shows page.

Expand Your Mind In Vegas


Pictured above: Las Vegas’ own unique Mob Museum.

Happy International Museum Day! One of the most often overlooked things about Las Vegas is it’s rich cultural history; it can be easy to get lost in the neon lights, clubs, and many incredible tourist spots within the city. But Vegas has a plethora of museums, each of which tell very different tales.

For International Museum Day, we’ve compiled a list of a few places we think you should check out. Most Vegas museums are interactive, with exhibits for both adults and children, but you should always use your discretion in regards to what’s appropriate for your specific needs!

Going back to the beginning, the Las Vegas Natural History Museum (right by our home baseball team‘s stadium, Cashman Field) features exhibits from dinosaurs, to native Nevada creatures, to ancient Egypt. With the variety of exhibits and large spread of things to learn, it’s a can’t-miss for families!

If you’re interested in some darker history, the Mob Museum (pictured above) is a famous Vegas hotspot. Located in the heart of Downtown Vegas, the Mob Museum takes up it’s residency in the old Vegas post office. The multiple floors tell the tale of the creation of organized crime in America, to it’s spread and eventual downfall in our very own city.

More appealing to the artistic crowd is Madame Tussaud’s Las Vegas wax museum, which features extraordinarily lifelike recreations of celebrities, movie stars, and more. Just down the street is the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art, which has a rotating variety of exhibits ranging from Faberge Eggs to Picasso paintings.

A true Las Vegas museum experience wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Neon Museum, a favorite of tourists and locals alike. On the northern edge of Downtown, a graveyard sits for all the old signage that once graced the front of towering casinos and attractions on the Strip. This fun walk through a unique park is a great way to complete your person museum exploration day.

Give us a call to set up your day – 702-597-1588. We’ll be happy to help you learn a little something about Vegas while having fun!



Mas Tequila! Happy Cinco de Mayo!

tacos china poblano

Pictured Above: Tacos at the Cosmopolitan’s fusion restaurant, China Poblano.

Cinco de Mayo, locally known as Cinco de Drinko, is a big deal in Vegas. The holiday is timed perfectly with the Strip pools opening, the city starting to heat up, and perfect taco ingredients such as avocados are at their best. Want to celebrate it like a true Vegas local? Here are some great places that will get you feeling the chile heat and tequila burn like nothing else.

For food, we highly recommend getting an insane amount of bang for your buck downtown in the Container Park, at Pinches Tacos. Their wide variety of amazingly spicy and authentic tacos are going for just $1 each from 4-5pm. If you’re not feeling the time constraint, mix it up a little bit with Public School 702 in Downtown Summerlin, where you can get specialty nachos (featuring poblano sauce, adobe chicken, and queso fresco!) for $10.

No Cinco de Mayo is complete without a good round of tequila and cerveza, so check out Loca Cantina in Town Square – they have drink specials rotating hourly, including $2 Coronas, $3 shots, and more! If you prefer something with a salted rim and plenty of tequila, Carlos N’ Charlie’s at the Flamingo is known for the famous margaritas.

Of course, you can do tequila and tacos in any city… But you sure can’t get the all-out, bounce-of-the-walls craziness that comes when you add Cinco de Mayo and Las Vegas nightlife. Enjoy a dip in the pool at Tao Beach (where locals have open bar), or pump up your evening with Mikey Francis at Omnia.

Your work tomorrow will understand, trust us.


Off The Beaten Path


Pictured above: The Nevada desert.

While Las Vegas is the neon city and is constantly bustling with a yearly stream of tourists in the billions, there is plenty of nature around. Not everyone wants to sit inside their entire vacation! We’ve gotten together a list of a few things you can do that are less glitz-and-glamour, more rugged ways to enjoy your Vegas vacation.

  1. A lesser-known area, the Nellis Dunes, is home to the ATV Adventure. For this tour, you strap yourself in to a high-speed ATV and ride your way over some of the most stunning desert landscaping in the country. The tour is fully-guided, and there are different levels depending on how comfortable you are with driving an ATV (you can even pick manual or automatic!).
  2. Hold on tight! The beautiful Red Mountains in Boulder City, just outside of Vegas, carefully hide Bootleg Canyon, a gorgeous natural display of naturally-formed red mountains and the Mojave Desert. The best part? You’ll be soaring above it on a zipline! This is not an activity for the faint of heart!
  3. Size does matter – and Death Valley has tons of it. The valley is the largest national park in the contiguous United States, and gets it’s namesake by the incredibly high temperatures during the summer. As such, the guided SUV tour does not run throughout the summer, but if you’re coming in the spring or fall, be prepared for some of the most gorgeous views on the entire Western coast.

For more amazing tour ideas, including Grand Canyon trips, guided tours of Hoover Dam, and helicopter trips, check out the Tours section of!