The Teetering Future of EDM


Pictured above: EDC Las Vegas 2015’s main stage, Kinetic Field.

The Internet has been abuzz lately with the recent news of Avicii’s (best known for his song ‘Wake Me Up’) parting from live performances. The announcement, made in late March of 2016, was done through a heartfelt online letter to his fans where he admitted to heading out from under the DJing umbrella to seek a personal life, which he felt he was unable to have with the constant shuttling from club to festival to bar and back.

His announcement struck a nerve with many Las Vegans who are familiar with the club and party scene. It seems as though many Las Vegas clubs have been moving away from EDM and towards celebrities, rappers, and hip hop artists (see Tao’s Snoop Dogg residency). Many club-goers are more inclined to go to these performances because it has a personal touch; only recently did EDM songs begin to take over the radio waves, but hip hop has been a daily aspect of your morning drive since the mid-90s. Clubs that embrace the old-school performances are seeing large booms of people lining up to see Drake or Lil Wayne, and those that prefer to spend millions of dollars on big-name EDM artists (we’re looking at you, Hakkasan) are left starting at the empty doorways and scratching their heads.

Even with all the buzz, EDC Las Vegas, held at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway each summer, is still the largest EDM festival in the world to date. With 0ver 130,000 people attending each day, the festival is a massive deal for both the EDM scene and the Las Vegas tourism industry.

It’s impossible to tell what the future will hold – if old-school performances take off, will EDM make a comeback? Is this a temporary glitch in a permanent music and lifestyle fad? For right now, we’re happy to avoid picking. We’ll bounce back and forth and enjoy a cocktail at each venue.


Our Ultimate Guide to Tailgating


With the announcement of the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series in Las Vegas Motor Speedway‘s Bullring track, we hitched up our hitches and cooled our coolers in preparation for one of our favorite all-American pastimes: tailgating.

No racing event is complete without tailgating, and getting it right is an art. Having the best-smelling barbecue or the coldest beers is a point of pride, and something we take very seriously here at Because we’ve got our skills and hot dog buns in the bag, we felt it necessary to share with you the basics for having the best tailgating party in the stadium.

Step one: BUY YOUR TICKETS! You’ve got to be in it to win it for the ultimate tailgating session, so you have to make sure to get your foot in the door. Good thing we’ve got you covered on that.

Step two: Food. Some fan favorites are the classic cheeseburger and hotdog, but you can switch it up by making some crazy-spicy baked beans or going a healthy route with hummus and carrots. Your call – just make sure it’s tasty!

Step three: Refreshments. Those 21 and older can bring in the beers (as long as the racetrack allows it), and it’s always a good idea to have plenty of sodas, water, and juices hanging around. It gets hot in Vegas, and it’s very important to not dehydrate yourself!

Step four: Games. You’ve got to wait for all those cars to get inspected and drivers to get suited up, so there’s no reason you can’t bring through some portable games to pass the time. Cards, cornhole, and paddle ball are all big hits.

Step five: Good company. This step is almost as important as the tickets! Going out to an event is more than just seeing some really, really cool stuff – it’s about making memories that will last a lifetime.

Once you have those five steps down, you’re good to go! We’ll see you there!

The (Literal) Tournament of the Century


Few things ever make it to their 100th birthday – especially when it comes to sports. Oftentimes, teams, competitions, and guidelines are cut short or cut entirely by the whims of their fans and the future can seem pretty unsteady. This is not, however, the case for Copa America.

Copa America is considered the most prestigious and potentially the highest viewed sporting event in the world. It is the oldest international continental football competition, and what makes it so special this year is not the location but the year.

Copa America is celebrating their 100th year – an unprecedented record in the world of soccer. A total of 16 teams will compete for the honor of winning this year’s award in 32 matches across the United States. To add to the celebration, this is the first year in it’s history that Copa America is taking place outside of South America.

It’s hard to tell how exactly this 100-year competition is going to leave it’s mark on the world of soccer, but we can already tell that it’ll be a game-changer.


Cirque du Soleil: A Guide

cirque do soleil.jpg


If you’re not a gambler and you’re in Vegas, there’s a solid chance that you’re here for some of the renowned shows on the Strip. By the time you see the glittering lights Vegas is so known for, you’ve already been slapped in the face with billboards and signs for what seems like an endless array of shows. While narrowing down your entertainment can be daunting, the best place to start would most likely be a Cirque du Soleil show – might as well go big, since you definitely don’t want to go home. But which one to see? Well, we have you covered with a handy guide for the Vegas Cirque shows.

If you’re a music fan, starting off with The Beatles Love or Michael Jackson ONE would be right up your alley. Combining the over-the-top spectacular acrobatics with world-class musicians, both shows are the definition of ‘tribute’, and should not be missed.

More into plots? No problem, there’s KA and Zarkana. KA tells the tale of twins on their way to fulfill their destiny, and Zarkana follows a magician who’s on a quest to regain his powers and true love.

If you really just want to see some cool acrobatics, Mystere and O are right up your alley. O creates a new world with their 1.5 million gallon tank as the stage and the trapeze acts that hover above it, and Mystere will blow your mind with it’s unbelievable acrobatics and live musicians.

Last but definitely not least are the two shows that are the true embodiment of Vegas: Zumanity and Criss Angel’s Believe. Zumanity is a risque celebration of love and the human body, while Believe will make you wonder what is real and what isn’t with it’s magic.

Cirque du Soleil is the embodiment of Vegas performances, and is a great way to wet your feet in this vast array of shows, comedy acts, and concerts. Of course, picking just one might be a little hard…


The Las Vegas 51s Big Changes


The Cashman Center sits right in the heart of Las Vegas and has become known as the place for baseball in Vegas. It’s 9000+ seat stadium is where our AAA Minor League Baseball team, the Las Vegas 51s, call home, and it may be undergoing some serious change soon.

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority  opened up a few days ago about the proposed changes for the Cashman Center. The LVCVA is discussing returning Cashman to the city of Las Vegas, which could mean huge city development changes and the exit of the Las Vegas 51s to a new baseball stadium. The 51s have been looking to get a new stadium that focuses more on player development amenities and fan comforts for a while now, but the proposed ownership switch could mean that their train starts moving a bit faster than expected.

As if the move to a new stadium wouldn’t be exciting enough on it’s own, there have been rumors of the United Soccer League being thrown into the mix as well. The United Soccer League has been rapidly expanding in recent years and will be opening a franchise in Reno next year. Their interest in the Las Vegas market was bolstered by the success of their Major League Soccer exhibition game last month, which had over 8000 attendees.

What do you think of the proposed Las Vegas 51s move?

T-Mobile Arena Offers More Than Entertainment


The above artistic rendering is just a quick look into the exciting things that are happening at the new T-Mobile Arena. Many rumors have been circulating about the features and amenities the T-Mobile Arena will be bringing in (come on, Vegas hockey team!), and recent news has begun confirming what will be there on opening day. The Arena is already boasting a massive concert and sports space, luxury commercial suite space, premium seating, lounges, and now a decidedly upgraded concession space.

Gilbert Verdugo, the regional chef for Levy Restaurants and exclusive food-and-beverage provider for the T-Mobile Arena, gave us a sneak peek today about what they’ll have available. Nestled in between the standard burger and hot dog fare that you’d see at a sports event are some really special portable food stations, including a poke bar, charcuterie station, and a fresh-pressed juice bar.

One of the main things that Gilbert and T-Mobile are going to be looking at when introducing these new, fun food fares is the demographic. Instead of doing a one-size-fits-all menu, the idea behind T-Mobile’s concession court is much more involved and tailored to a specific group’s needs. There will always be the classics – no boxing match or hockey game is complete without a beer and soft pretzel – but the fans coming in to see their favorite pop idols might be looking for a change. Younger crowds with a trendier mindset may gravitate towards a salad bar instead of shooting straight to the soda line, and country music fans might prefer a nice smokey barbecue over pizza.

How will this game-changing culinary move interact with other, more traditional event centers and arenas? Only time will be able to tell, but we’d love to hear your opinion about it. Comment with your thoughts with the button below!