“Piece of Me” is Peace-ing Out

britney leaving

Pictured above: Britney Spears during her hit Planet Hollywood show, Piece of Me.

Few people have single-handedly done as much for Las Vegas shows and concerts as Britney Spears has. Her hit Vegas residency, titled “Piece of Me” at the Axis inside the Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino, lasted an incredible 4 years since it’s start in 2013. The pop star carved her name into Vegas billboards and Strip casino signage with the show’s daring choreography, music, and incredible set and costume innovation, and renovated her show multiple times to remain as one of the top shows on the Strip.

The most recent version of “Piece of Me” introduced the tagline ‘Remixed. Reimagined. Still Iconic.’ and there has rarely been a more accurate pitch. Britney, through her time in Vegas, has balanced and grown what could be considered a tentative social presence prior to her 2013 debut. The pop queen’s hiccups in the late 2000s had left a shadow as the ‘party girl’ instead of what she had actually grown into – a mother who can still really, really rock.

Sadly, all good things must come to an end. The hit Caesars Palace show, which has pulled in more than 700,000 attendees over 4 years and grossing over $103 million, will be ending on New Years Eve, 2017, as Britney’s contract with Caesars Entertainment ends.

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It’s Official: Las Vegas Has An NHL Team!


Pictured above: The announcement ceremony for the Vegas Golden Knights.

Hockey fans all over Las Vegas are cheering today for the brand new, official Las Vegas NHL team! Our local Vegas Golden Knights were granted the honor of being the first major professional sports franchise, and the conversation has already been opened up about a football team (potentially the Oakland Raiders being renamed to the Vegas Raiders) joining the ranks.

This new addition to Vegas‘ impressive repertoire of entertainment options could potentially bring in a considerable amount of tourism and travel business. With the buzz around who they’ll begin drafting already at an all-time high, NHL fans across the nation are already waiting on the edge of their seat to find out where the Vegas Golden Knights will go from here.

5 Ways To Woo Your Sweetie In Vegas


Pictured above: The Las Vegas Strip at night.

Not everything that happens in Vegas needs to stay in Vegas. In fact, Las Vegas is ranked as one of the best cities in the United States to fall in love. That could help explain why Valentine’s Day is a big deal in the city – Las Vegas nightclubs, popular restaurants, and even the Fremont Street experience get in on providing their clientele the best romantic deal they can.

We’ve cherry-picked a few events, popular restaurants, and affordable Vegas deals happening over Valentine’s Day that are guaranteed to help you win the heart of your lucky date. Feel free to mix and match for added brownie points.

  1. Set the mood with a few ballads from incredible concerts by performers such as Cher, Diana Ross, and Elton John. Some of the best romance songs come from these celebrities, and they’re guaranteed to put on a show that’ll get everybody, ahem, in the mood.
  2. Go risque with shows so hot, they can’t be shown anywhere else in the country. Cirque du Soleil’s Zumanity is a popular choice, but the M-rated options range anywhere from the classic Pin Up to a live rendition of the box office hit from 2012, Magic Mike.
  3. Take them for a slow ride through the (reconstructed) streets of Italy. The Venetian gondola rides offer private rides for 2 passengers, or a more economical option for a shared 4-person gondola.
  4. The High Roller is one of the most striking features of the modern Las Vegas Strip experience. The massive ferris wheel offers private cars for you and your honey, or package options with open bar as you get the best views of Las Vegas.
  5. Show you’re down to earth with a meal at one of Las Vegas’ most hipster-esque restaurants, Park on Fremont. The Downtown hotspot features new twists on classic fare, such as Garbage Fries and the Philly Mac and Cheese Steak.

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5 Shows To Make Your NYE Special


Pictured above: The Las Vegas Strip on New Years Eve, 2016.

The Las Vegas Strip on New Years Eve is always a sight to behold. With the fireworks being set off from the towering casinos, the neon lights in full glow, and the throngs of people, there’s a lot to take in – unfortunately, there’s a lot of people taking it in too.

With so many entertainment options popping up over the New Years weekend, there are plenty of ways for you to enjoy the sights and sounds of the year’s biggest Las Vegas celebration, without breaking the bank or your patience.

  1. Bruno Mars at the Park Theater. The funk heartthrob is back in Las Vegas, following the incredible success of his music video for 24k Magic. The music video was shot on location to honor Bruno’s past experiences in Sin City – and his show will be no different. Taking place in the all-new Park Theater at the Monte Carlo, this show will be the place to be for any and all trendsetters.
  2. Maroon 5 at the Mandalay Bay Events Center. You won’t need one of Maroon 5’s famous Maps to get to this concert; taking place in the enormous Mandalay Bay Events Center, the popular pop group will perform all their hits on both 12/30 and 12/31. For hardcore fans, or people who don’t want to deal with Strip parking, this is the perfect show.
  3. Drake at Hakkasan Las Vegas. Although not technically a concert, this year’s most-talked-about rapper will get on stage alongside Las Vegas’ top DJs at the mega-club Hakkasan.
  4. Vince Neil at the Eastside Cannery Casino and Hotel. If you’re balling on a budget, like classic rock, or prefer to avoid the Las Vegas Strip while still enjoying an incredible night out, Vince Neil’s concert is perfect. While far off the Strip, Vince will be performing an extended set in style at the luxury Cannery.
  5. Last Call Comedy & Magic Show at the Stratosphere. Laugh it up this NYE with two of Vegas’ most famous attractions – comedy and magic. This show covers all the bases with belly laughs and mindblowing tricks. Better yet, fireworks are visible from the Stratosphere so there won’t be any fighting traffic.

Finally, Las Vegas Has A Hockey Team!


Pictured above: The logo for Vegas‘ brand new NHL team, the Vegas Golden Knights.

After months of hype, speculation, and arguing, the Las Vegas NHL hockey team’s name and logo have finally been announced. Although many names were tossed around, including the Vegas Black Knights, the Vegas High Rollers, and the Vegas Aces, Golden Knights won out above all.

The Golden Knights will play at the T-Mobile Arena beginning in the NHL’s 2017-2018 season, and is the league’s first expansion team since 2000. Even more impressive, the Golden Knights are the first professional team ever to set up home base in Las Vegas. The team will be comprised of one player from each of the existing 30 NHL pro teams; fans can look forward to the draft in fall of 2017.

With the announcement of the team name and logo came the more tangible addition to a hockey fans’ repertoire – clothes! The kiosks at the T-Mobile Arena on the 22nd (the day the name announcement was made) were a bit crowded and sold out of popular items like child’s shirts and fitted caps rather quickly. If a fan couldn’t snag exactly what they wanted, they’d have no need to fear – the NHL’s website is selling Golden Knights swag, and jerseys will be available to the public in February of 2017.

5 Million Cubs Fans: All At Once


Pictured above: The Chicago Cubs parade and rally on Friday, November 4th.

At the end of a baseball World Series, the winning team enjoys a victory lap around their home city, waves to their fans, and goes home to enjoy the spoils of their victory – and the Chicago Cubs are no exception. In fact, the Cubs have brought so many people together than the train stations in Chicago, which were built to accommodate traffic before there were airplanes, couldn’t keep up when over 5 million people showed up to celebrate the win.

The 2016 World Series win for the Cubs was more than just a win – it was the demolition of a 108-year loss. The Cubs last won the World Series in 1908, and hadn’t even been to the Series since 1945. To say that the victory in 2016 was a big deal would be an understatement: people had waited their entire lives to see the team win, and once they did… Well, it was time to party. Instead of just a parade, a crowd of 5 million people deemed the celebration ‘Cubstock 2016’.

The celebration was so massive that it became the largest gathering in United States history, and the 7th largest gathering in human history. Outranking even the Pope, it’s safe to say that the Chicago Cubs left their mark on history this year – and they deserve to celebrate that.

How Bob Dylan Redefined Poetry


Pictured above: Singer-songwriter Bob Dylan accepting his Nobel Prize.

Bob Dylan has added another huge accomplishment to his already impressive catalog of awards: the 2016 Nobel Prize in literature. Much of the world had grown up on Dylan’s music since the 1960’s, where he first took the folk music world by storm. For many, hearing his lyrics brings about nostalgia and creates a way to relive fond memories, and for others, his lyrics create inspiration to express their own creativity. Despite having stretched his writing across many talents, including the popular performers Bruce Springsteen, The Beatles, Ed Sheeran, and beyond, Bob Dylan weaves each song into a poem of its own kind.

Dylan’s writing is timeless, and his influence across many different types of music created a widespread phenomenon. He was first considered for the Nobel prize years ago, but many experts felt that the academy would not want to open its more than a century-old award to the world of music. However, after being likened to the ancient Greek works whose poems were performed to music, Dylan was considered again for the award. And he won.

Despite the unusual circumstances and heavy debate surrounding his achievement, Dylan has been praised highly by writers, musicians, and even heads of state for his success.By winning a Nobel Prize for literature, Bob Dylan has succeeded in opening up the world of literature to the other arts, and gives hope to all those who practice their own form of expression.